a 1/2 day course

Innovation Strategy

In this course you will learn how to create strategic advantages by accumulating firm-specific knowledge and building the capacity to exploit it.

About the course

Course contents

  • Technology and competitive analysis
    • Industry competition
    • Generic market strategies
    • Dynamic capabilities of the firm
    • Coping with competitors
  • Exploiting technological trajectories
    • Major technological trajectories
    • Developing firm specific competencies
  • Integration for strategic learning
    • Technology and corporate strategy
  • Learning through alliances


  • Helps you design a innovation system to match your competitive needs.
  • Helps you understand the core abilities in managing innovation.
  • Helps you connect innovation to the larger business strategy.
  • Helps you build and maintain the capacity to innovate.
  • Helps you manage tradeoffs, e.g. cost, quality, novelty, timing, etc.
  • Helps you capture your share of the value from innovation instead of a competitor.

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