a 1/2 day workshop

Design Challenge

In this workshop we will teach you proven methods and processes of innovation from across the field of design to create learning experiences that help people unlock their creative potential and apply it to the world.

About the course

Course contents

  • Human-centered design
    • Mindsets: the 7 mindsets that uncover the philosophy behind creative problem solving.
    • Modes: the 5 modes that provide the foundation for human centered design.
    • Methods: the methods and tools to apply design thinking.
  • Exercises
    • Hands-on learning through a number of exercises and routines.
  • Custom challenge
    • Frame your design challenge and work in teams to apply design thinking.


  • Provides you with a tangible toolkit to work on human-centered design challenges and ways to test your assumptions.
  • Helps you
    • understand the user,
    • challenge any assumptions you might have,
    • and redefine problems in an attempt to identify alternative strategies and solutions.
  • Helps you combine creative and critical thinking that
    • allows information and ideas to be organized,
    • decisions to be made,
    • situations to be improved,
    • and knowledge to be gained.

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