a 1/2 day course

Value proposition and business model design

In this course you will learn a set of integrated tools to help you create new value propositions and business models, manage and refine existing ones and learn how to systematically reduce uncertainty in order to minimize risk.

About the course

Course contents

  • Scanning the environment
    • The Environment Map
    • Exercise
  • Creating new business models
    • The Business Model Canvas
    • Exercise
  • Designing value propositions
    • The Value Proposition Canvas
    • Exercise
  • Hypothesis extraction and assumption testing


  • Helps you understand the context in which you create.
  • Helps you create value for your business and your customers by creating compelling value propositions and designing new revenue models.
  • Provides you with an integrated set of tools that makes new revenue models visible and tangible and thus easier to discuss and manage.
  • Helps you design experiments and apply metrics to manage ambigous and uncertain projects.

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